We are offering a specialist service in this area which is of benefit to all dog owners.

Dogs are social animals and as such need to interact with their own kind but there are many different reasons why this doesn't happen. Social and rehabilitation workshops allow dogs to interact in a controlled environment to re-learn or hone their doggy communication skills. We use specially selected & trained teaching dogs who are able to guide and re-educate all sorts of dogs to make them better 'doggy citizens'. 

For puppies we offer groups that are supervised by older dogs and ourselves so that they learn how to use their communication skills. This ability is often impeded by the time scale for vaccinations and new owner's fear of big dogs. The group enables us to bring puppies from vaccination onwards, into a safe comfortable environment to practice their skills and guide the owners through canine communication.

For nervous dogs we give them the opportunity to socialise with other dogs that won't force their attentions on them. This allows them to seek out other dogs as they choose and interact at a level they are comfortable with thus building confidence.

Many owners have dogs they describe as aggressive towards other dogs but which are in fact just frustrated and have 'forgotten' how to communicate with their own species. For years the only option for these people has been to exclude their dogs from runs in the park and if they do try training then they are offered only control and management as a form of dealing with the issue not resolving it. This in itself has a tendency to make matters worse not better.

Over-stimulated play is another common problem for dog owners. They get their dog to a park and as soon as they spot another dog they are away and no amount of calling will get them back. The workshops allow these dogs to play to their hearts content with dogs of a similar desire but also how to behave around dogs that don't want to play all the time. By allowing these dogs the opportunity for free play in a safe environment the obsessive need they have for other dogs is reduced and walks can become more enjoyable.

Yet another reason why many dogs are destined for a life of lead walking is poor recall. The owners are unsure about letting them off because they won't come back. The safe environment of the workshops is the ideal place to practice recalls as the dogs are then allowed to return to the other dogs. With the other dogs in the vicinity they are much less likely to run off.