Introduce your dog to the fun and challenging world of scent and search.

Your dogs sense of smell is amazing and so under-used in training and fun.  

We offer Scent & Search Courses and one day Workshops which will unleash the power of your dogs nose, teach you how to better understand them and enhance that all important relationship that you and your dog share.

Teaching your dog scent discrimination is an excellent way to build confidence, burn energy and have FUN!!!

All dogs have noses so all dogs can and will enjoy scent and search games. We welcome all breeds and temperaments to these courses so don't miss out.  

Our One Day WSDA Introduction days are the first step on the ladder to the MAN HUNT.  WSDA turns you and your dog in to a crime solving scent detector team.  You need to solve the clues and find the hides ready to move on to the next.

As well as the one-day workshops we offer regular courses in Scent & Search.  The courses run over 6 weeks. 

Both Jo & Sue, the scent instructors are part of the elite WSDA Scent Squad Instructor team, Approved trainers for all levels with Scentwork UK and approved judges to Level 4. Both compete with their own dogs under both WSDA & Scentwork UK and are passionate about the sport. 

 Check the diary page for upcoming dates or book on-line at our shop