Does your dog have an issue?  Then we can help

As an experienced and qualified canine behaviourist,  I can help you with any and all of your dog's issues from inappropriate urination in the older dog to aggression to dogs and people.

A home consultation takes around 2 hours and we will look at the root cause of the dog's problems, devise a programme to change that behaviour and also offer telephone and email support as you work through the issues.

It is best to have all members of the family present for a behaviour consultation so that we can discuss everyone's point of view.

Living with a dog with a behaviour problem can be upsetting not to mention tiring for all involved.  I can help you get the dog that you envisage and that is a pleasure to live with.


Dog to Dog Aggression - Dog to People Aggression - Fears and Phobias - Inappropriate Urination - Intermale Aggression - Separation Anxiety- in house aggression - reactive dogs  - multi dog household - biting dogs - fighting dogs - no recall - recall training