Read about Dawn

When I was growing up we had a labrador and she was my everything, we used to go everywhere together and when I left home I missed her so much that I decided it was time to get a dog of my own.  So my first dalmatian, Duke & I headed off to K9 Solutions and have never looked back.

Sadly I lost Duke suddenly in 2006 and after a while I felt I could take on another dog so I contacted Dalmatian rescue and along came Daisy.  Daisy is deaf and although this had made training more of a challenge it certainly never slowed us down. I find nothing more enjoyable than taking her for walks and watching her play with the other dogs we meet along the way.  

I havbeen instructing for a good few years now and love it.  I have to admit that although I teach at all levels, my favourite class is the Puppy Introduction Class but who doesn't love puppies?