What is a pyometra?




Pyomtera is when the womb fills with pus. This is a life threatening condition so you should be aware of the signs.


Pyometra is more common in entire bitches over 6 years old but it can affect any dog at any time with signs appearing 1-2 months after the bitch has been in season. Once a bitch has had a pyometra then the chances of it developing again are very high.


Things to watch for:-




          Food refusal

          Increased thirst

          Increased Urination

          Vomiting & or diarrhoea


There are TWO types of pyometra. 


Open – The cervix relaxes and allows pus to leak out. The pus can range from yellowish green to thick red in colour.


Closed – There is no discharge as the pus is retained within the body but it is more likely to include vomiting and diarrhoea than an open pyometra.


If you suspect your bitch is suffering with pyometra then you MUST seek advice from your vet as soon as possible.