A bored dog will make their own amusement

Imagine getting up each day, eating the same thing from the same plate in the same spot, walking in the same place along the same path, meeting the same people and doing the same thing day after day after day. This is the way of things for most dogs.
Many of us have repetitive jobs but we can vary the rest of our routine by going to the cinema or out to dinner with friends. If the mood takes us we can go to different places, eat different things, read different books, and generally fill our time with things that please us and stimulate us.
Your dog doesnít have that choice, they rely on us to provide stimulation, play, exercise and food yet people get stuck in the routine and forget that their dogs have a mind that needs exercise as well as a body.
If your dog is bored then they will make their own amusement and this isnít usually beneficial for either you or your dog. Some will begin to bark at the slightest noise, others will start to chew up your home, or not come back when called on their walks and some will start bullying and turn to aggression because they cannot cope with the monotony.
Most people now own pedigree dogs, dogs that were bred for a job so you need to give your dog a job to do, things to think about so they can exercise their brains.
Instead of feeding all of their meal from a bowl in the same place at the same times each day, put some of it in a Kong or Feeder ball; scatter some around the garden so your dog has to search it out.
Teach your dog some tricks Ė sit, down, stand, paw, and roll over. Ask for one of these behaviours at random times throughout the day and interact with your dog.
When you are out on a walk, donít follow the same path or route; vary it as much as you can so that there are different smells and things to see. If you go to a field then zig zag through it, donít just walk around the edge. Get your dog to play games with you whilst you are on a walk, retrieves, searches, waits and stays.
They say variety is the spice of life so get creative and spice up your dogís life. They will reward you with being more at ease and relaxed and happy.