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Scent & Search Level 1

This course will teach you and your dog about the wonderful world of scent, how to discriminate between scents, offer a passive indication and much more.
You and your dog will carry out a vehicle search, luggage search, indoor and outdoor searches AND have great fun doing it.
This is both mentally and physically tiring for you dog so we suggest dogs are over 5 months of age.

The course runs for 6 weeks and is £65. The sessions are 1.5 hours and will be held on Sunday afternoons


Beginners Manners & Obedience - Southend

Having a dog that you can take anywhere is everyones dream and we can help you achieve that.
Come and join us on our 6 week manners & obedience course at our Southend venue.
The course will cover walking on a loose lead, relaxed settle, basic commands and of course the all important recall.
£56 for 6 1 hour sessions.


Beginners Manners & Obedience - Basildon

Our basic control and manners course is the best place to start with a young dog or one that has had little or no training.
This course runs over 6 weeks and will help you with loose lead walking, recall, relaxed settle and much more.


Clicker Master Class 

An introduction to the use of a clicker and how it can help in all sorts of training situations.

We will teach you how to 'charge' your clicker, how to lure and mark behaviours as well as shaping and luring (all very technical)

The clicker is gret fun to use as it challenges your dog to work things out on their own.

Limited spaces


Beginners Manners & Control Course (Deposit) 

This 6 week course will take you and your dog through all the basic commands, help build a strong bond and relationship and cement your understanding of your dogs needs.

The course is held at Frypha Hall, The Fryth, Basildon on Sunday mornings at 10am.

Deposit £25 will secure your place

The course is £56 for 6 1 hour weekly sessions.


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