Puppy Park Life

Introducing your puppy to other dogs and people is an important part of their life skills. Our puppy groups are a mix of puppies and older dogs so that they are learning how to behave with other dogs plus lots of people.

The groups are held in a field set up so you are learning how to get your dog back with lots of distractions, how to protect your dog from unwanted attention and what the dogs are saying to each other. Not to mention some basic control commands and concentration exercises.

Classes are held every Saturday morning at 9am or Wednesday mornings at 10am. Your puppy can come along as soon as they are vaccinated, there is no need to book as we have plenty of instructors to help you and your puppy.

Classes last for around an hour and are £10 per session held at the field next to the Driving Range, Two Tree Island, Leigh on Sea.

This class is only open to puppies under 5 months of age, please see our social skills workshops for dogs over 6 months.

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